The Triple Double Podcast
Conversations on How the Basketball Industry REALLY Works!
Hosted by: Corey Albertson            Produced by: Jason Morrow
# Date Guest Topic Link
1 5/11/18 Chas Wolfe –  Prep Scouting LLC True role of scouting services, misconceptions vs realities of scouting. Ep. 1 Chas Wolfe
2 5/13/18 Brad Konerman College coaching search firms, how college coaches get contracts. Ep. 2 Brad Konerman
3 5/18/18 TJ Kelley – Inside Prep Sports Finding a niche as a scout, general scouting, HS hoops in Michigan. Ep. 3 TJ Kelley
4 5/21/18 Kurt Stubbs – JJ Huddle/Crossroads Elite Differences between urban and rural basketball, role of youth camps. Ep. 4 Kurt Stubbs
5 5/25/18 Zach Fleer – 270 Hoops Creating a website as a platform for local HS talent, general scouting. Ep. 5 Zach Fleer
6 5/29/18 Brian Snow – 247Sports.com Team website model for fans who follow recruiting, general scouting. Ep. 6 Brian Snow
7 6/1/18 Joe Fredrick – Covington Catholic HS Looking at youth basketball in 2018 vs early 1990’s, culture change. Ep. 7 Joe Fredrick
8 6/8/18 Sonny Johnson – Garfield Heights HS Advice for HS coaches on creating relationships with college coaches. Ep. 8 Sonny Johnson
9 6/11/18 ND Kendrick – Pocket City Basketball Creating a travel club in a small market, shoe circuit vs independent. Ep. 9 ND Kendrick
10 6/15/18 Ty Kish – CityLeagueHoopsTV True role of highlight video sites, evolution of hoops on YouTube. Ep. 10 Ty Kish
11 6/19/18 Corey Tucker – All Ohio Red EYBL Journey of a Nike EYBL team, helping families pick an AAU team. Ep. 11 Corey Tucker
12 6/22/18 Ricardo Hill – Walnut Hills HS Lifetime in coaching – HS, AAU, College – Differences in levels. Ep. 12 Ricardo Hill
13 6/26/18 Carl Kremer – Moeller HS Building culture at the high school level, how to create winners. Ep. 13 Carl Kremer
14 6/29/18 Chas Wolfe –  Prep Scouting LLC Analyzing proposed changes to recruiting calendar by NCAA. Ep. 14 Chas Wolfe (2)
15 7/2/18 Corey Evans – Rivals.com Scouting five-star talent, scouting on a national level. Ep. 15 Corey Evans
16 7/6/18 Brian Merritt – LSU Assistant Developing John Lucas Camp, a career in NCAA D1 college coaching. Ep. 16 Brian Merritt
17 7/9/18 Ryan Pedon – Ohio State Assistant How NCAA D1 schools really recruit, difference in MAC vs Big Ten. Ep. 17 Ryan Pedon
18 7/11/18 Corey Albertson & Jason Morrow NCAA Live Period Primer: Tips for players, parents and coaches. Ep. 18 Corey & Jason
19 7/17/18 Mark Mitchell – Western Hills HS Building culture at an inner-city HS program. Ep. 19 Mark Mitchell
20 7/19/18 Reggie Butler – Full Court Vision Hoops Pro’s and con’s of today’s player development strategies. Ep. 20 Reggie Butler
21 7/24/18 TJ Peatross – NEO Spotlight Scouting, evaluating, evolution of scouting and travel basketball. Ep. 21 TJ Peatross
22 7/27/18 Alex Kline – New Orleans Pelicans Creation of RecruitScoop.com, NBA Draft process with Pelicans. Ep. 22 Alex Kline
23 8/3/18 Dan Evans – Ohio Dominican Univ. Education on realities of NCAA D2 basketball, a decade in D2. Ep. 23 Dan Evans
24 8/7/18 Trent Wolf – Southeastern C.C. Education on realities of NJCAA basketball, a decade in JUCO. Ep. 24 Trent Wolf
25 8/10/18 Nate Perry – ITPS Wildcats Adidas Building a shoe-sponored travel team, dominating one market. Ep. 25 Nate Perry
26 8/14/18 Aaron Fuss – UT Chattanooga Assistant From manager to coaching, creating a network as a college coach. Ep. 26 Aaron Fuss
27 8/17/18 Dante Jackson – Xavier Assistant Coaching as a former player, finding jobs as college coaches. Ep. 27 Dante Jackson
28 8/21/18 Greg Paulus – George Washington Assistant Using experiences as a Duke player to build a career in coaching. Ep. 28 Greg Paulus
29 8/24/18 Scott Kerr – Purcell Marian HS Being a high-energy coach, building w/ a “no-excuses” culture. Ep. 29 Scott Kerr
30 8/30/18 Zach Fleer – 270 Hoops Fall showcase and exposure opportunities, identifying top freshmen. Ep. 30 Zach Fleer (2)
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