’22 Sharavjamts is a Star

20 Dec

It’s not often tSharavjamtshat we at Triple Double Prospects get the urge to write an online report based on one high school basketball game; but sometimes we come across a prospect where we feel they deserve to have their name out there. That kid, in this case, is Mike Sharavjamts…. And he’s just a freshman.

We watched Sharavjamts with his Legacy Christian Academy team, out of Xenia, tonight against Middletown Christian, where Sharavjamts showcased some undeniable upside.

A 6’6 combo guard who can run the point, passes the ball as well as any kid in the state, shoots it from three with a good stroke and consistency and has the fluid athleticism to play purely on the wing at a legit 6’6, Sharavjamts has some serious long-term talent.

Unfortunately, the game tonight was out of hand, as Legacy Christian led by 50-points for the majority of the game, but we still got a chance to see what Sharavjamts can bring to the table, especially on the offensive end. Even with the score being lopsided Sharavjamts, with a great feel for the game at his disposal, brought a lot of versatility and showed a mentality of unselfishness in the process.

What’s even more interesting, however, is Sharavjamts story. The son of the Mongolian National Team coach, and a former professional player, Sharavjamts just recently came to the United States from Mongolia for this school year. Through connections made via Athletes in Action, a basketball based international charity program, Sharavjamts should be here to stay in the Xenia area; making him one of the top freshmen in Ohio’s talent rich 2022 class.

As he continues to get stronger and more acclimated to playing against American competition, Sharavjamts, who is averaging over 10 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 steals per game through six games, will be a name that folks in the Dayton area, and eventually the entire state, will have to learn to pronounce.

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