Alonzo Gaffney

17 Dec

GaffneyName: Alonzo Gaffney

Class: 2019

Height: 6’8
Position: SF/PF

School: Garfield Heights
City: Cleveland, OH

AAU Team: All-Ohio Red

Evaluation: Ohio’s most talented all-around prospect in 2019, Gaffney is a top-50 prospect nationally with his elite athleticism, length and mobility for a 6’8-6’9 forward who can play on the wing or in the paint. Capable of being a game-changing shot-blocker around the rim, Gaffney is super quick off his feet and has the length to challenge everything; however, he’s also nimble enough to run the floor and has tried to develop more of a wing game during his junior year. Solid mid-range shooter and ball-handler, look for Gaffney to be called on to start his college career as a face-up power forward with an ever-expanding pick-and-pop game.

Notes: Committed to Ohio State.

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