Queen City Superstars Recap

14 Oct
Vonny Irvin

Vonny Irvin

Triple Double Prospects got to stay in our city over the weekend and catch some serious basketball talent, as we took in the Queen City Superstars Showcase at Cincinnati Woodward High School. In the fifth year of the event the number of participants grew, and we got a chance to get another look at some of the best young players in the Cincinnati area as well as the top seniors. Former Woodward coach Lanis Timmons did an excellent job in creating a competitive atmosphere as each age group got a chance to play two games, with the top thirty players getting an additional game for the first ever all-star game.

TDP decided to focus our recap on the seniors and juniors who stood out against the competition, so here is a look at some of the top 2014 and 2015 Cincinnati prospects that performed well at the Queen City Superstars Showcase….

  • Tyonte Robertson – ’14 Cincinnati Withrow PG: One of the few four-year alums of the event, Robertson starred over the weekend at Woodward. The 6’0 point guard made better decisions with the ball then we have seen him make in the past, shot the ball with much greater consistency and provided strong on-ball defense for his team. Robertson is one of the best in Ohio at breaking defenders down off of the dribble and has the vision to create assists or strength to score in traffic. If he can be a strong decision maker and efficient shooter in his senior season then he’ll move up even higher in our 2014 point guard rankings.
  • Kevin Daniels – ’14 Cincinnati Hughes SG: Daniels always thrives in events like this where teams play at a fast tempo and he can attack in the open court. The 6’2 wing isn’t the most athletic or the fastest but he’s very creative off the dribble and is capable of scoring from all three levels. Specializing in hesitation moves, Daniels is a smooth finisher at the rim and is able to consistently knock down three-point shots with his feet set. A four-year varsity contributor, look for Daniels to be one of the standout players in the Cincinnati city league this season.
  • Aaron Oden – ’14 Cincinnati Taft PG: We’ve known Oden for years as one of Ohio’s most athletic and talented point guards, but sometimes his results have been mixed. Over the weekend the 6’1 lead guard showed matured growth in his game, as he had two productive games in which he created tons of open shots for teammates in the drive and kick game. Oden is tough to contain in the full-court where his athleticism can take over, and also has the physical abilities to be a lockdown defender at the next level. To be a great player in the city league his senior year, Oden will have to prove that he can consistently make a jumper; if so, he’ll be tough to stay in front of.
  • Kenny Kaufman – ’14 Cincinnati Taft PG: Kaufman stuck to the two things that he does best over the weekend. He shot the basketball well from behind the three-point line, and he played with great passion. One of Cincinnati’s toughest guards, the 5’8 Kaufman makes up for his lack of size with the fast pace that he plays at and his great shooting ability. A capable point guard who rarely turns the ball over, Kaufman is a solid all-around player who also has a good reputation as a defender. His size and lack of strength can fool some, but Kaufman has long been one of Cincinnati’s top players in 2014, and will likely be one of the city league’s leading scorers again.
  • Dwight Nared – ’14 Cincinnati Hughes PF: The 6’6 Nared is quickly becoming the most under-recruited senior in the Cincinnati area, as he continues to improve his all-around game from season to season. After another strong summer with the Queen City Prophets, Nared looked more comfortable with the ball on the low block then he ever has, while still using his trademark athleticism and energy to be productive in other areas. Nared is a tremendous floor-runner who can elevate, has length and plays with a non-stop motor. He’s going to need to add strength to be a star at the next level, but he’s a power forward that more Division II college coaches need to take an interest in.
  • Correy Cavins – ’14 Cincinnati Aiken PG: Cavins is another undersized but high scoring guard in the city league that plays with a lot of passion. The 5’9 combo guard is quiet but deadly as a scorer that loves to attack the rim with his full-court speed and ability to split defenders off of the dribble. Cavins is capable of scoring from deep with a consistent three-point shot, and is almost always in attack mode on the offensive end. Despite his size, he’s one of the league’s best defenders and has the athleticism and toughness to guard multiple positions as well. The leader on a talented Aiken team, Cavins will contest for league player of the year when it’s said and done.
  • Vonny Irvin – ’15 Cincinnati Princeton PG: Over the weekend we tweeted that Irvin can be the best player in Cincinnati if he chooses to be, and that’s something that we stand behind. The point guard has grown to a legit 6’3, has breakaway speed and athleticism in the full-court and is one of the most gifted passing guards to come through Ohio in the last few years. What Irvin needs to do is be consistently productive, make good decisions and prove that he can hit the jump-shot. The talent is there for Irvin to breakout in his junior season, and even potentially compete to be the second ranked point guard in the 2015 class behind Dayton Dunbar’s A.J. Harris.
  • Jalen Avery – ’15 Cincinnati Shroder PG: After spending time directly across the Ohio river in Covington, Kentucky, Avery is new to the city league, but is also a player that coaches and scouts in Cincinnati are very familiar with. The 6’1 junior is a powerfully built guard that can really pass the ball, especially in pick and roll situations. Avery isn’t the fastest guard but he plays in control at all times, is crafty in changing gears or directions and has the jump-shooting ability that forces the defense to play him tight. Avery will be interesting to follow in his first year at Shroder, where he’ll probably be forced to play more of a scoring role with some playmaking tied in.
  • Lamont West – ’15 Cincinnati Withrow SF/PF: For well over a year that buzz has been out that West is one of the more talented prospects in Cincinnati in the class of 2015. At a long 6’7 and with top-notch athleticism, West is capable of dominating the game with his physical abilities; however, he also has the handle and shooting ability to play exclusively on the wing. The junior forward is going to have be much more consistent in his third year at Withrow, and still needs to add strength to his frame, but at 6’7 he’s potentially the most difficult player in the league to match up with because of his length, shooting ability and overall skill level. The coaching staff at Withrow is going to count on West to be a major contributor this year, if he can score inside enough to keep the defense honest then his outside game should make headlines in the city league.

Other Upperclassmen Standouts at the Queen City Superstars Showcase: DeJuan Jones (’14 Withrow PF), Derrick Long (’14 Hughes SF), Robert Smith (’14 Taft PF), Marcus Scott (’14 Taft SG), Jordan Bradley (’15 Princeton PG), DeJuan Sherman (’15 West High PG), George Brown (’15 Winton Woods C), Terrence Gholston (’15 Aiken SF), DJ Harris (’15 Aiken SG)

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