Class of 2017 Watch List

9 Oct
Jayden Sayles is one of Ohio's top freshman prospects

Jayden Sayles is one of Ohio’s top freshman prospects

In the last few weeks you’ve seen Triple Double Prospects update our rankings for the senior (2014), junior (2015) and sophomore (2016) classes. After putting a lot of time and consideration into those rankings, we at TDP feel that they are our best rankings yet. Now it is time to take on the next challenge. The first edition of our annual freshman watch list.

In this list, which includes over forty names already, we’ve identified the top ninth grade talent from the high school class of 2017 that we’ve seen in Ohio. Almost all of these players have been evaluated live by Triple Double Prospects, minus a select few that come highly recommended from some of Ohio’s brightest basketball minds.

If we’re missing one of the top 2017’s in the Buckeye State don’t worry, just drop us an email at and we’ll be sure to add that player to our list of prospects to watch out for during their freshman season. Also, remember that list will be updated constantly over the next six months, so keep checking back to see if additions have been made. Like our other class rankings, this list will be permanently linked at the top of this homepage.

Now, here’s a look at the list of Ohio’s top 2017 prospects to watch (listed alphabetically)……

Class of 2017 Watch List

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