City of Palms – Wednesday

19 Dec
Bibbs, Williams, Russell

Bibbs, Williams, Russell

TDP took a nice drive of 15 hours to see a trio of Ohio and Kentucky natives that has moved on to greener pastures (Montverde Academy, Fl).  The City of Palms Classic features some of the top teams and players in the country.  Let’s take a look at them and their progress.

Devin Williams-2013 PF (West Virginia): former Cincinnati Withrow big man took his last year to the “Sunshine State”.  Has developed his body to the likes of Karl Malone has put in tremendous hours in the weight room in the fall.  Lateral movement has improved tremendously and TDP was impressed at his mobility around the perimeter.  Offensively Devin is still a beast and gets it done.  He has showed he can go out consistently to about 17 feet with confidence.  Devin has all the tools and continues that strong work ethic to allow him to dominate games.

D’Angelo Russell– 2014 SG: former Louisville Male guard has been at Montverde for his second season now and is making the best of it.  TDP noticed that he has grown and he also too has been in the weight room.  “Dead Eye” has become a prolific shooter from 22 feet with confidence.  D’Angelo can get to the rim with the best of them and with his new physique it’s a sight to see.  His handle is still progressing but he can get his shot off at any time and create for others.  The sky is the limit for him and his offers will keep coming until he decides on what he wants to do.

Justin Bibbs– 2014 SG: former Dayton Chaminade Julienne star took his talents to Florida this year too.  Justin has improved in all facets of the game and takes his role as sixth man to heart.  He plays to the direction of his coach (Kevin Boyle) to lead the Eagles.  He can score, defend and pass the ball at will.  Justin is making the adjustment, when at CJ he was one of the main focal points.  His hard work has paid off according to some Coaches that were in attendance, so watch his recruiting process over the next couple of months.

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