Recruiting Calendar

9 Sep

By: Brad Konerman

Sunday September 9th is the start of the official recruiting calendar for Men’s Divison One basketball programs across the country. As a staff, they have 130 countable days they are able to use from the start through April, including the fresh April recruiting weekends. A day is counted everytime a coach leaves campus to recruit. If 2 coaches go to the same gym, it counts as 2 days. Days and periods are broken down into four specifics:

  1. Dead – Coaches may not call or visit, nor may prospective student-athletes visit campus. These days are the 4 days leading up to the 1st weekend of competition, 3 days for Christmas, Final Four and a series in April.
  2. Quiet – Coaches may call recruits and recruits may visit campus.
  3. Evaluation – Coaches may travel to watch players at their high school only with their own team in a pre-scheduled workout, practice or game. The playing season is evaluation with the few previous exceptions.
  4. Contact – Coaches may visit prospective student-athletes at their homes or schools. There are contact periods in September and April.

*All live evaluations during the academic year shall be limited regularly scheduled high school, preparatory school and two-year college contests/tournaments, practices and regular scholastic activities involving student-athletes enrolled only at that institution.

We will be updating you on what recruits are visiting schools and whom coaches are traveling to see. If you have any questions about the Recruiting Calendar or anything else, please email me at

Stay tuned to TDP for the most up to date information.

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