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5 Jun

After a busy spring of evaluating talent in both the Buckeye and Bluegrass states we at Triple Double Prospects decided that it was time to completely overhaul our statewide rankings. Fans will notice expanded positional coverage in Ohio in 2013 and 2014, our first positional coverage in 2015, and more complete rankings in Kentucky.

Kevin Johnson is Ohio’s new #1 ranked 2013 PG

Some of the most notable changes occur in the 2013 class. First and foremost, at the point guard position, Kevin Johnson on Cincinnati Summit has made a rapid ascension up college coaches clipboards and has taken control of the top spot in Ohio. Will Jack Gibbs, who missed the spring AAU session with injury, be able to reclaim that spot in July? Only time will tell.

Perhaps the most difficult position to rank in 2013 would be the shooting guards. With very little difference between our number one and number four ranked prospects it was tempting at times to call it a four way tie. In the end TDP decided to side with the potential of Josh Davenport, but that spot is far from locked up heading into July.

The front-court spots remained mostly the same in 2013; although Jamestown Greenview SF Evan Bradds made a heck of a run at overtaking a couple of players. Other fast risers in the class inside would be Vitto Brown, Mark Donnal, Isaiah Johson, and Zach Garber.

The 2014 class is loaded across the Ohio River in Kentucky where high major prospects like Quentin Snider, D’Angelo Russell, Jordan Green, and Trey Grundy reign supreme.

In Ohio, Jae’sean Tate would be the spring MVP as he dominated on the AAU circuit. Other players who improved their stock in Ohio in that class include Dakota Mathias, Tyler Williams, and RaChaun Martin.

Finally, in composing our first crack at the 2015 rankings we tried to identify as many top prospects as possible. The class has no shortage of potential star big men with Esa Ahmad looking like the cream of the crop; complemented by guards like Luke Kennard, AJ Harris, and Jordan Dartis.

Remember that Triple Double Prospects player rankings our based solely on our evaluations of the college potential of prospects, our subject to change at any time, and our constructed as unbiased as possible with multiple sources in different regions of each state.

Here are the updated rankings (also available on upper right hand tab):

Class of 2013

Class of 2014

Class of 2015

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