Thursday at the Ohio State Championships

22 Mar
Thursday on the campus of Ohio State University the Division III and IV semi-final games provided plenty of star performances from some usual suspects, and some fresh faces:

Dylan Kaufman

  • Dylan Kaufman – ’12 Berlin Hiland SF: Without having a good day shooting his usually spot-on jumpshot the 6’5 wing was still very effective as a slasher in taking over the game in the second half. Kaufman finished with 20 points in the win as his physical tools, most notably his size and athleticism, were too much for Arlington to handle. While he isn’t a great ballhandler Kaufman is adept at attacking the rim on straight line drives. The clutch factor of Kaufman was probably the most impressive part of his game today as he scored the last three buckets to keep Hiland in control of the game.
  • Antonio Woods – ’14 Cincinnati Summit PG: The 6’0 sophomore was the best point guard to take the floor on Thursday. No one was close to Woods’ level in having the ability to change paces quickly to blow by defenders. Woods is one of those rare players that might be faster with the ball in his hands, once he’s by an opponent his mid-range pull-up jumper is reaching near automatic status. Woods scored 12 points with 4 assists in the win.
  • Hossi Smith – ‘12 Columbus Africentric PF: Athletic energy player with good leaping ability and a wide frame at 6’5. Gets most of his points off rebounds but is able to drop step either way around a defender and go up strong for the finish.  Smith finished with 19 points and 11 rebounds in a loss.
  • Kevin Johnson – ’13 Cincinnati Summit PG/SG: The 6’2 junior combo guard displayed his high level athleticism and despite not shooting the ball well he managed 10 points and 9 rebounds in Summit’s win. Johnson also showed some good decision making against a tough Bedford Chanel press. The point guard in Johnson was on display as he used his tight handle to control the ball and his burst of quickness to get past Chanel defenders.
  • Fuquan Tucker – ’12 Columbus Africentric SF: Can really fill it up from behind the three point line, despite having a somewhat unorthodox release. Very good set shooter who only needs a little space to let it fly and shoots the ball with a lot of confidence. Has all the physical tools with a 6’3 frame, broad shoulders with definition, and fairly quick feet. Not as active of an offensive or defensive player as he could be, becomes really effective when his motor starts running high. Strong area rebounder that grabs everything with two hands. For the game Tucker tallied 10 points while adding 7 rebounds and 3 assists.
  • Seger Bonifant – ’12 Berlin Hiland PF: The 6’7 forward is starting to become more of a combo forward then a power forward as he has sculpted his body into the best shape we’ve seen him and has really improved his handle. Bonifant has increased the range on his jumper as well, where he has always shown nice form and touch. With the new skills has come a new confidence leading to him being more patient in the post and being able to hit a variety of face-up, turn-around, and pull-up shots; while still possessing the strength to score inside. The forward is still limited athletically but his skill-set at a broad 6’7 is well refined. The senior finished with 9 points and 3 rebounds in the win.
  • Andy Hoying – ’12 Jackson Center PF: Hoying is a skilled face-up four man that can play anywhere from the post to the wing. Despite his slim frame he can finish inside with his high IQ and toughness. A good shooter but better scorer the 6’5 forward finished with 16 points and 8 rebounds, and 3 assists, in leading his team to a win.
  • Neil Gingerich – ’12 Berlin Hiland C: The relatively unknown 6’7 post showed good footwork in the post with the ability to finish a hook shot over either should in scoring 12 points, to go a long with 13 rebounds, in a Hiland win. Although he is somewhat limited athletically the big man works really hard and plays within his skill-set on the offensive end. Also did a nice job stepping out to the win and finding cutters with passes.
  • Kenny Robinson – ’13 Columbus Africentric SG: Aggressive scorer with a nice shooting stroke from deep when coming off screens. Strong build at 6’0 allows him to attack the rim and quick first step helps him get by his defender. Does need to improve his ballhandling. Robinson totaled 13 points in a loss.
  • Damon Jones – ’12 Bedford Chanel PG: The 6’0 Jones showed off some good vision and the ability to thread passes into tight spaces in a loss to Cincinnati Summit. While Jones’ teammates didn’t have their best game finishing shots inside the guard still impressed with his quickness and ability to get to the rim. Would’ve liked to have seen him shoot the ball more, but a good effort nonetheless.
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