RaChaun Martin

20 Mar

Name: RaChaun Martin

Height: 5’10
Weight: 160

Position: Point Guard

School: Thurgood Marshall
Hometown: Dayton, OH

AAU: Ohio Phenoms
Class: 2014

Evaluation: Competitive and poised young point guard with a mature floor game. Martin is a very good on ball defender that uses his quickness and anticipation to hound opposing ballhandlers and he is a player that is committed to the defensive end of the floor. Offensively he is a pass-first point guard that is good at making decisions at fast speeds in transition. A relatively high IQ player Martin is able to get his team into offense in the half-court and has the ability to create shots for his teammates off the drive and kick. Most of his scoring comes in transition as he has the full-court speed to get ahead to defenders and finish around the rim. Martin is able to get in the lane and draw fouls or float the ball in around the rim but still needs to continue to refine his jumpshot which at this point is not reliable enough for defenders to try and crowd him.

Bottom Line: Hard to tell at this point where Martin will fit in at the college level. He has passing and ballhandling skills that translate nicely to the next stage as he shows a high IQ and a competitive demeanor. Size might be the determining factor here, if Martin can get to 6’0 then he will have a very nice chance to become a Division I player.

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