Nate Allen

18 Mar

Name: Nate Allen

Height: 6’3
Weight: 190

Position: Shooting Guard

School: Bowsher
Hometown: Toledo, OH

Class: 2014

Evaluation: Allen is one of the fastest rising names in Ohio in the class of 2014. A very good scorer around the game his skills are still raw and the developmental stage but he does possess a natural knack for attacking the basket and scoring from different areas of the floor. Right now Allen’s best attributes are his strength and his athleticism. With a chiseled 6’3 frame he is able to bully over smaller defenders on the wing to get to the rim. He has nice speed and burst in changing direction but his athleticism is most noticed in his explosive leaping ability. Capable of finishing over the top of much taller defenders in the lane or making a highlight reel play on the break with a two hand dunk this young prospect can really get off the floor. Allen shows nice form and is capable of shooting the ball out to the three point line. His shot selection, especially off the dribble, is decent although as he is raw he can tend to force some tough shots over opponents that he is capably of physically dominating. The biggest area for improvement for Allen is going to be his ballhandling. He shows a keen ability to attack the rim but struggles with change of direction moves and needs to become a better dribbler to play his natural position on the wing. As talented as he is offensively Allen might be most effective on the defensive end where he is a high energy and high effort on-ball defender that is more then willing to get physical in the paint to go rebound.

Bottom Line: Still a bit of an unknown to all scouts Allen will be one of the more heavily watched prospects over the spring and summer travel circuit. As someone who has burst onto the scene he will assuredly move up into the next set of rankings and could become one of the premiere prospects in the state as he begins to fine tune his raw but exceptional talent.

Notes: Has a good chance to be a Division I player in college. Most likely a mid-major recruit at this point in his career.

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