Lamonta Stone

15 Aug

Name: Lamonta Stone

Position: Point Guard

Height: 5’5
Weight: 140

School: Bowling Green
Hometown: Bowling Green, OH

AAU: All-Ohio Red
Class: 2015

Evaluation: Lamonta is a pure point guard who plays a pass-first, floor general like style. As most sons of coaches do, Lamonta shows a mature game and good basketball IQ, where he has the vision to see plays coming and make his teammates better. Despite his size he is capable of scoring the ball, but is better (and more comfortable) as a distributing guard. Quick player who can change pace, and is always under control even when at top speed.

Bottom Line: Stone might be very small for his age but he’s an excellent all-around guard that can make his teammates better. With his quickness and IQ there’s a place for him on any list of top PG’s in Ohio.

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